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Anna Laszkowska, managing director, Quest Recruitment: Added - June 2021

"I couldn't think of any other place to be other than Milton Keynes Business Centre . The team are lovely and it's flexible - you are not tied into any long term contract and you can grew with the centre."


Caroline Bridger, owner, Kings Hill Beauty: Added - May 2021

"Coming back to Churchill Square Business Centre has been such a blessing. It gives us the space we need to focus on delivering our treatments in the most safe and efficient way.


Rebecca Porter, managing director, BlueKit Medical : Added - Feb 2021

"The ease of access to this site, inbuilt infrastructure, free parking, onsite café, and, most importantly, the flexible monthly licence fee and rental space, helped make the decision to choose Capital Business Centre .


Marlon McFarlane, managing director, HomeFlo : Added - January 2021

"The selling point for coming to Capital Business Centre was definitely the opportunity for easy expansion in the next six to eight months due to the monthly licence. It seemed perfect for a start-up. The other businesses on site helped us get settled in, and everyone is really polite. "


Luke Blundy, managing director, Blundy's Distribution: Added - Dec 2020

"We moved into St George’s Business Park at the beginning of July 2020. We were working from home before, but had to find some space quickly. Capital Space’s monthly licence really appealed to me, as I needed accommodation quickly with no long-term commitment during the unpredictable climate."


Dr Sophie Shotter, Illuminate Skin Clinic : Added - Nov 2020

"What attracted me to Churchill Square Business Centre was there were other medical and dental businesses here so it was easier from a licencing perspective. It was also flexible, so the fact that I could upscale, downscale or leave with a month’s notice was really good. This was my first business so I didn’t want to take on a five year lease.


Preshant Setia, Ready Care Services : Added - Oct 2020

"We started our company from Greenway Business Centre and have built up our business while based here. The front-office staff are very welcoming and always helpful. We have a separate entrance, as our care staff visit the office often. There is always plenty of car-parking available and great accessibility.


Nic Mansfield, Curo Underwriting : Added - Sept 2020

"Since returning from lockdown, we have nothing but praise for the excellent safety measures implemented within our building at Waterhouse Business Centre to ensure that myself and the team felt safe to return to the office. No expense has been spared installing hand sanitisers, new door opening mechanisms and one-way systems.


Jo Nixon, Muttley and Mabel : Added - July 2020

Thank you for your recent help during lockdown. We started back at Colchester Seedbed & Business Centre with very reduced staff, and we still have two staff on furlough but have been busy catching up with the back log. We don’t know what the future might bring and how the figures will add up in the long term but appreciate your support and help.



Jimmy Gillespie, Everyday Performance Therapy Ltd : Added - May 2020

"This seems like an appropriate time to say a really big thank you to Hayley, Roxanne, Sue, Billy and yourself. Matt Your continued updates, and work behind the scenes during this time has been a source of great relief. As a member of a number of business/network groups in and around Milton Keynes, I can say, without doubt, your management and handling of this has been first class.


Simon Robson, Venue Catering & Events Ltd: Added - May 2020

"First of all I’d like to offer a sincere thank you from our business to both you and Capital Space for your support and care in dealing with this matter. From the very moment the crisis hit, we found you to be a marvellous partner who proactively sought solutions to keep us going. That will never be forgotten and has been deeply impressive to witness at all stages.


Jane Marshall, The Local Oracle: Added - March 2020

"We would like to say a massive thank you to you and your team for all the support you have given us over the past five and a half years.  We have really enjoyed having our office at Churchill Square and it definitely helped us to work together to expand our business."


Paul Woodger, owner, Mivvy Creative: Added - Feb 2020

"Churchill Square Business Centre is away from home - so I can enjoy family time when I'm not working - but close to home so I can easily pick up my son from nursery as required. It's central, there's parking and it's easy for me to reach my customer base, or for them to reach me.


Archita Raval, managing director, Heritage Healthcare: Added - Feb 2020

Milton Keynes Business Centre is a very nice place and is close to central Milton Keynes. It’s easy to reach for my staff. The office space is really nice and affordable - I like the monthly licence - the building is professional when you enter and the girls at reception are lovely. Of course, there’s unlimited free parking for my staff and Heritage Healthcare visitors.


Nick Johnson, owner, Papa Fresco: Added - Jan 2020.

"It’s very central, businesses interact with one another and help each other out and I have a captive audience at St George's Business Park .


Gary Millington, owner, Gary Millington Double Glazing: Added - Jan 2020.

“I have been at St George's Business Park for 19 years. I came here because I like the flexibility of being able to give a month’s notice if you have to and I like the fact I am not tied into a long term contract. 


Charlie Herbert, Founder, The Osteo Group : Added - Sept 2019.

Why it works for me here at Churchill Square Business Centre is that I only have to pay for space that I am actually using. I don’t have to have a big shop front that is open set hours and pay for staff to be there when we don’t necessarily have patients.

I have 24 hour access here, if I want to come in early or stay late. We also get facilities like the kitchen, clean toilets, an intercom for patients, a waiting area….if I can’t answer the phones, I can divert to reception and they will take my parcels in for me too. In terms of parking, there’s always space around the site and customers like that.


Damian Philip, Datafuel: Added - Aug 2019.

I want my profits to go back into the business or into my bank account, not into expensive services that don’t add value. At Capital Space, what you see is what you get – and the support is outstanding. Our caretaker at the Colchester Business and Seedbed Centre John really goes the extra mile. He came in to work to shovel snow off the drive one winter – and it was his day off! I honestly can’t imagine getting that sort of service anywhere else


Marcin Rosinski, Brandcops: Added - Aug 2019.

We moved into Milton Keynes Business Centre in March – it was a no-brainer: our previous landlord had decided to increase our rent by 30%. With Capital Space, Brandcops  has all the advantages of a fully serviced office, but it feels like our space – we have the freedom to arrange things just as we want and we don’t share our set-up with other customers.


Dr Linda Strong, Sinclair-Strong Consultants Ltd : Added - July 2019.

Capital Space has a huge expanse of free parking, roomy bays which are well maintained in winter and sockets for electrical top ups. Capital Space’s front door opens automatically as you step into an airy, modern and open space. The friendly reception staff make it impossible to be grumpy. Capital Space has large comfortable meeting rooms, the latest technology, and super-efficient assistants to ensure things move effortlessly.  


Livvy Clarke, LIVEnACTIVE : Added - June 2019.

“I visited a number of potential homes for my studio, but Milton Keynes Business Centre blew me away. I’d looked at other potential venues, but the atmosphere here is so friendly and professional. It’s about so much more than just office space – there are all sorts of companies here, with a wide variety of space and affordable pricing options, so the team was able to sort me out with exactly the space I needed to accommodate everything from my fit step to Zumba classes. I now have the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone else is handling property management, backed by a supportive management centre team."


Louise Mingay, ETS Health and Safety: Added - Apr 2019.

"The initial outlay to start a business here is relatively cost effective. You need a computer, you get your phone, you have Wi-Fi here; it’s so easy. Churchill Square Business Centre is a nice place to work, there’s loads of parking and the reception team are helpful, too.”


Caroline Brooks-Johnson, Inheritance Law: Added - Apr 2019.

“I am delighted to be in Building 80 at Churchill Square Business Centre having been previously in a different building in the square.  It is important to me that my clients at Inheritance Law are looked after whilst waiting to see me – they comment on the lovely reception staff and waiting area.  As for me, I like the fact that despite working alone, I am not isolated and it’s lovely to have friends to chat to from other businesses whilst we make our coffees in the kitchen.”


Catherine Overton, Booker Wyatt Accounting: Added - Mar 2019.

“It's very handy for me to get to. I love the space, it’s very calm and quiet. People can park here. I used to have an office in Tonbridge and the parking was a nightmare; I would think, I can't be bothered and I would just stay at home. Churchill Square Business Centre is just perfect for me.”


Chris Whalley, AJ Oakes and Partners: Added - Mar 2019.

"We love it here at Capital Business Centre . It's a pleasant working environment and it's extremely local to where we live, which is convenient. We were keen to find serviced offices because it allows us to keep our overheads down. A lot of our work is central London and west of Croydon, so the good links here are important."


Venkat Tikkireddi, B-Well Therapy Ltd: Added - Feb 2019

"I like the facilities that are available such as post, printing and shredding. The flexible contract is important to us. The parking is a big advantage too. The security of the space, the main gate and the 24 hour access - being able to come here at weekends - is another great advantage.


Adele MacKinnon, Nutmeg Studio : Added - Feb 2019

"I like the fact that we have got the gates for security. Sometimes, I work from home so when parcels are delivered to reception, it's handy. The reception team at Milton Keynes are also very supportive."


Ann Clancy, Clancy Healthcare Services: Added - Feb 2019.

Milton Keynes Business Centre is very close to the city centre, offers ample free parking (especially at evenings and weekends) when it's mostly quiet.

It is always extremely clean and tidy and has extremely helpful and pleasant reception staff - they always go the extra mile! A real joy to work within.


Denise Parpworth, Therapeutic Counselling with Denise: Added - Feb 2019.

It’s an ideal place. It’s very professional, inviting and clean. There is an abundance of parking. What more could you want from a rented office? I did look a lot and I was elated when they said they had space.


Chris Buck-Marshall, CB Sound Video Light : Added - Feb 2019.

I have been a tenant for several years and am now in my second workshop. Everything about Greenway is great; it's very clean and tidy, well maintained and has an excellent reception capable of lots of tasks including postage, telephone answering and letting deliveries into your workshop when out. 


Kirsty Lund, Oh My Cakery: Added - Jan 2019.

I would recommend Capital Space because the space is so well managed. There is also a certain amount of freedom in what you can do with your own space. The site is well maintained - alot of other industrial estates deplete after time. 

It has also opened up different opportunities for us that we didn't know we could do. It's made us think outside the box and adapt as the business has grown.


Daniel Goodwin, Pearson Whiffin: Added - Jan 2019.

Our block at St George's Business Park is a brilliant piece of commercial accommodation; Capital Space just make it all incredibly easy. All I had to do was get in some furniture; the Capital Space team helped me put the IT in place and we had it all set up and doing business within one morning; it was so easy and the room was cleaned and repainted.


Linda Strong, Sinclair and Strong: Added - Jan 2019.

We love it here at Churchill Square Business Centre as it’s nice and clean and also very peaceful, which is great for our Sinclair and Strong clients. It’s also great that Capital Space have recently refurbished our offices, which gives it a fresh feel. The team is always on hand when we need anything, and everyone is very welcoming.


Martin Johnson, Evergreen Power: Added - Jan 2019.

Evergreen Power moved into the Capital Space business accommodation approximately two years ago. We were office-based to start with, and we have since up-scaled to two offices and one workshop. Obviously, location is important to us, as well as all the facilities, meeting rooms, and just the ease of operating from here; the receptionist staff and mail services are very helpful – all the services here make operating very easy.


Bryan Croft, Rotable Repairs: Added - Dec 2018.

When Rotable Repairs  was experiencing growth, we needed a local option which the Laurence Industrial Estate provided.

Security and utilities were excellent, the fibre broadband was sufficient for us to VPN into our main facility so we took another five units until we transitioned into our new building in October 2018.

The support and flexibility we were given allowed us to quickly expand with the natural growth of the business and we have Capital Space to thank.


Sam Henderson, Dougherty and Associates: Added - Dec 2018.

We moved into Churchill Square Business Centre in May, having previously rented an office space a few miles away. We found that we were spending a lot of time dealing with the payment of costs relating to our previous rental property – all the utility companies, confidential waste disposal, franking machine costs and other little things. When we found the office here, it was the answer to all of these headaches.


Kristina Wakem, MDT Cosmetics: Added - Dec 2018.

A high-street location would usually be the first choice for businesses like ours, but knowing that our clients appreciate a private and secure location, we decided to move to Churchill Square Business Centre .


Gary Day, Dragon Supplies UK Ltd: Added - Dec 2018.

What we like about being here at Colchester Business and Seedbed Centre  is that we get looked after, the site manager is great and it's flexible so if something happens to our business and we have to pack up, we could get off the site in a month.


Dean Rogers, Create Identitee: Added - Sept 2018.

We chose Greenway because of the easy-in, easy-out payment terms and I was impressed with the look and feel of the centre and it's great for parking. It's very well maintained and very secure which gives you peace of mind.


Dr Miguel Gutierrez Martinez, MGM Clinics: Added - Sept 2018.

What made me fall in love with the company was the people at Greenway Business Centre . They are so happy and friendly and they can't do enough for you. The receptionists are amazing - I can rely on them. They are efficient when it comes to picking up your post, if I send something for printing, it is done within the hour and their emails are responsive.


Ed Whinyates, Stonegrove Refrigeration: Added - Sept 2018.

We chose Greenway because we were looking for nice, clean premises and it was in the ideal location for Stonegrove Refrigeration . We wanted a blank canvas so we could do an internal fit to suit our requirements and having a cafe on site also helps. It is also well presented and there's adequate parking for our staff and others. 


Simon Nash: Cresatech Ltd: Added - Sept 2018.

Thank you for the great service for our Cresatech board meeting again this week.  Always a pleasure.


Mark Tweed, Cyberjammies: Added - Aug 2018.

I looked at quite a few units but Waterhouse was the strongest for Cyberjammies in terms of ticking all the boxes. Cost is incredibly important - that was the starting point. The business support - having all the phones set up and having all the parcels delivered when I am away from the office - is a big help.


Gary Warman, New Haden Pumps: Added - Aug 2018.

We moved to Waterhouse Business Centre over 18 months ago and the broadband and telephone network is superb. In the first 12 months, we were in a smaller office but as New Haden Pumps has grown, we have added more staff and moved to an office with double the space. It's very popular with the staff because it is open plan and has lots of windows. The space has enabled us to grow and given us more potential as a business.


Gary Keeley, LR Financial Services: Added - Aug 2018.

Sharon, the business centre manager, was really helpful and came up with a really good payment plan for us to move in and be able to fulfil the plans we are hoping to achieve. 


Chidi Lynn,  Chidi Lynn Proactive: Added - Aug 2018.

Nothing is too much trouble for the management team - they are very efficient and give great support. The parking is great and it's got everything that you want. It's clean and professional so it represents my business professionally.


Becky Preen, FBL Quilting. Added - July 2018.

I love the cafe at Greenway Business Centre , the environment and the 24 hour access because I work evenings and Saturdays and if I want to, I can come in on a Sunday. I feel safe and secure here. 


Giles Hopkins, Arch Media and Design: Added - May 2018.

I moved into the Loughton Seedbed Centre in June 2016 after buying all the machinery I needed. A friend of mine has an office here as well and he said there was a unit available. I had a look at a few other places, but this had excellent space for what we wanted.


Sean Keleher, ATAG Heating Technology: Added - June 2018.

We looked at a number of big buildings, but just really liked the way the whole CapitalSpace office set up at Churchill Square worked.  The location in Kings Hill was ideal, the parking is great, there’s a good-sized kitchen and it’s useful to have access to the meeting rooms for when we want to meet with a new client or have one-to-one meetings with members of staff.  

Brigitte Van Bers

Brigitte Van Bers, Manager, Gateway Letting: Added - Nov 2017.

Gateway Letting have been experts at letting and management of residential and commercial properties in Croydon since 2006. Landlords were continuously referring us to their friends and we started managing a few large property portfolios which meant we needed more space to grow. In 2006 we moved to Capital Business Centre in Croydon but outgrew our 1 st  office within 3 months - and when a larger office became available we grabbed the opportunity to move.

Ben Carter

Ben Carter, Event Producer, White Event Production Ltd: Added - Nov 2017.

I absolutely love the space that we have created at Capital Space, Milton Keynes Business Centre. The entire site is neat and professional and regularly gets complements from visitors.

The flexibility of the site and the management team has enabled us to install our own office partition, mezzanine and tall racking so that we have been able to maximise the potential of all of our available space and adapt the space to best suit our needs.

The support of the on-site team is always excellent and I am proud to be based at Capital Space.

Paul Burgin

Paul Burgin, Director, Latent Digital Solutions:

Our experience at the Greenway Business Centre in Harlow has been perfect.  We took our first four man office with them when we were a small new company in November 2011 and since then we have moved to different units around the site as we grew as a company.

Added - October 2017.

Derek Browne

Derek Browne, CEO, Entrepreneurs in Action:

I have had an office at Capital Business Centre Croydon for over 10 years. The centre has provided an excellent base to grow my business. The management staff have been supportive and the centre offers wide range of units to suit whatever stage your business is at.

In terms of meeting facilities, the centre has a very good range of meeting rooms and a very good onsite café serving a good range of food. There is also great onsite parking for businesses and their visitors.

Added - October 2017.

Joan Bishop FMCA

Joan Bishop, Senior Mediator, Joan Bishop Family and Partner Mediator;

I write to thank Sandra, Sally and the team at Churchill Square Business Centre for their professionalism and efficiency as well as the friendly and thoughtful service they have provided for me.

Added - Sept 2017.

Francesca Hogdson

Francesca Hogdson, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, GoodBox:

Thank you very much to the entire Harlow team for the 5 star experience. All administration was seamless and it was a pleasure to work alongside you, we certainly would not hesitate to recommend Greenway Business Centre.

Added - August 2017

Dean Cullum

Dean Cullum, Owner, Stirling Roofing Ltd:

Sterling Roofing Solutions Ltd moved to St Georges Business Park in Sittingbourne over 5 years ago. We started with CapitalSpace as virtual office customers and then moved into a small unit when we first expanded. Due to the flexibility of the St.George’s license agreement, we have been able to upsize our unit when our business has required more space.

We enjoy being at St.Georges and would recommend St.Georges Business Park to anyone looking for flexible space.

Added - August 2017

Diane Entwistle

Diana Entwistle, Director, Little Stars Circus Ltd

Chelmsford's Waterhouse Business centre staff are a friendly and positive team and have welcomed our school of aerial dance and supported us as we settle in to our first dedicated business premises. Going from shared use premises to our own studio was an exciting but daunting project and the Waterhouse team have been on hand to answer any questions and guide us along the way. We love our studio and our occupation was made so easy with the centre staff preparing the unit beautifully for us to turn it into a circus training studio. It is also great to see how the building and grounds are always being maintained which helps us set a great image for our customers. Thank you to all of the centre team - we are enjoying being part of the Waterhouse Business Centre community. 

Added - August 2017

Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson, Owner, Evergreen Power UK:

As heating & insulation specialists, we started in renewable energy heating systems 5 years ago and have been at the Capital Business Centre in Croydon for approximately 1 year.

We chose the site due to its excellent location, and the fact that it has great parking and catering facilities. Most importantly, the staff and the management team are always on hand and are very helpful.

Added - July 2017


Neil Gardner

Neil Gardner, Managing Director, Ladbroke Audio Ltd:

Being located at the Capital Business Centre in Croydon has been a real boon for my business.

Running an audiobook recording facility requires quiet, presentable premises - a venue that actors and publishers are happy to visit and somewhere with understanding and helpful neighbours and management alike.  Capital Business Centre has given me that and more.  The on-site café is superb, the amenities are first-rate and the management team have always done everything they can to accommodate my business needs as well as being genuinely lovely people.

Added - July 2017

Robert Williams

Robert Williams, Senior Project Manager, Hammond (esc) Ltd:  

We can say with all sincerity that your team at Capital Business Centre have always been most helpful, professional and courteous in all our dealings.

We moved into the centre in 2013 and now after 4 years are having to move on, but once again we wish to thank your team for all their assistance; it’s always been a pleasure to call into the office and chat to the centre team - they will be sadly missed.

Added - July 2017

Linda Southby

Linda Southby, for and behalf of Valhalla Private Client Services LLP:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and assistance during the last ten months. We have really enjoyed working in F14 and F11 at the St.Georges Business Park. Having previously used Capital Space Ltd at Kings Hill I was in no doubt that we had made a good choice moving to your Sittingbourne Centre.

Added - June 2017

Keeley Hanant

Keeley Hanant, Driector, Doors Sincerely:

Doors Sincerely has been located at the Capital Business Centre since 2008 and throughout this time the centre’s flexible office space, support staff and facilities have assisted in our growth.

The centre staff have been an absolute asset to our company - Nothing is too much trouble and they always go out of their way to assist. Their knowledgeable I.T. staff have been hugely beneficial and their courteous phone answering service offers both our customers and Doors Sincerely itself the reassurance that calls are answered professionally in our absence. With onsite postal services too, the centre offers everything we require for the business.

Overall, the centre offers exceptional facilities, car parking and a modern office space reflects favourably with our customers and visitors alike.

Over the years Doors Sincerely has grown into a successful company and the facilities and support offered by Capital Business Centre has been pivotal in our growth.

Added - June 2017

Marc Kelsey

Marc Kelsey, Managing Director, Century 21 Cleaning Services

We started at Waterhouse Business Centre in 2007 and since that time we have always had a great relationship with the centre team. We often use the business services the centre provides to handle our post, franking, photocopying and faxing. We have also found the telephone answering invaluable for our business.

Whenever I am in the centre, the staff are always on hand and approachable. I’d recommend Waterhouse to any business looking to establish a base in Chelmsford.

Added - May 2017

Andrew Makin

Andrew Makin, Director, Brilliant Accountants Ltd:

Thanks for the professionalism and hospitality shown today during my first in house client meeting at Milton Keynes Business Centre.

Very impressed, more importantly so were my clients. I’m sure that as a growing business your range of services will be of great benefit to me.

Thanks again.

Added - May 2017

Dougie Levesley

Dougie Levesley, Director, Teamwork Locksmiths:

Just a few words to say thank you for the wonderful service over the last ten years.

The Greenway Business centre gave Teamwork the credibility  that helped us project a professional image to our customers and this helped with the continued growth that was to follow.  

Thank you again, and keep up the good work, its much appreciated.

Added - May 2017

Michael Pagalos

Michael Pagalos, Business Director, Insignia Group:  

Insignia Group is a Business Management Consultancy that started trading at CapitalSpace’s Greenway Business Centre in Harlow, Essex.

When the Directors were looking for a small office to start trading they needed something that offered flexibility, low monthly fixed costs and above all a friendly, attentive and professional feel.

The Greenway Business Centre is modern, well organised and well looked after by a friendly team. CapitalSpace offers flexible renting options which enabled our organisation to set up and start trading with an easy fixed cost per month thus giving us the ability to plan and budget our growth effectively.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Greenway Business Centre to any business looking for a professional, organised and friendly centre where they can feel secure that the centre’s team are in sync with your business needs and who ultimately contribute to your business’s growth plans.”

Added - May 2017

Nick Eva

Nick Eva, Director, Elite Express Logistics Ltd:

I am just dropping you a quick note to say how pleased we are that we decided to take a unit at the Greenway Business Centre in Harlow. Our move to the centre went very well and this was assisted by being given access to our office prior to the move-in date. We were up and ready to go on the day we rented our office from, as all communication phone and broadband services were in place, kindly organised by Michelle. Thank you for making our office move so simple.

Added: March 2017

James Hearty

James Hearty, Director, Healthcare and Transport Services:

I’d like to praise the staff at Capital Business Centre Croydon for their continuing support for the past couple of years. Both Michael and Maria have been immensely helpful from the first time we met to today, where they continue to offer support with all manner of requests. The support the centre team have given has allowed our business to grow leaps and bounds. Their regular seminars and coffee mornings are invaluable in helping build connections within the local business community as well as offering insights into typical issues & remedies that all businesses face.

I’m sure I am not alone in these feelings and many are vocal during the aforementioned meetings and are overwhelmingly positive with their feedback. 

I’d like to extend my sincere thanks from my team and I to the Capital Space staff team and look forward to what the future holds for both of us.

Added: March 2017

John Jones

John Jones, Director/Owner, Heritage Resurfacing Ltd:

We have a long standing virtual service with Greenway Business Centre, Harlow.  Lorraine and the staff team provide a friendly, professional and efficient service.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and we could not manage without them!

Added: March 2017

Nicola Crooks

Nicola and Nick Crooks, owners Antiques and Chic:

For a business that is growing everyday, the support from the staff at Greenway Business Centre  has been invaluable. Always available either by phone, email or in person to answer any query no matter how big or small. From post to billing and just generally making you feel like part of a community, we couldn't ask for more.

Added: March 2017

Allen Collicott

Allen Collicot, Managing Director, MBI Electrical Ltd;

Lorraine - We have enjoyed every day in your business centre at Harlow and it’s been a great stepping stone as we’ve grown. Yourself and your team made us feel welcome from day one and that’s continued throughout the two years we’ve been here.

Wayne and Myself wish you all the best in the future and we will miss Greenway Business Centre.

Many thanks

Added: February 2017

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson, Owner, Papa Fresco's:

We have been running our business from St.Georges Business Centre for 10 years now. Starting in unit B13, CapitalSpace have been really supportive in helping the business grow, and in our time here we have occupied varying sizes of units. We currently now have unit F20 at the front of the centre where we have a cafe and onsite eating area, and where we can run our mobile catering and buffet service from.

The centre has always had a real community spirit and makes you feel more than just a tenant - which is really important. CapitalSpace as a business has been really flexible with their terms and the options to upscale within the centre, and Jeanette the Centre Manager naturally adopts a "nothing is too much trouble" attitude. As a customer of CapitalSpace we really appreciate this personal service - it really helps make you feel a part of something bigger and helps us to run our own business as smoothly as we can. 

Thanks to Jeanette and the team at St.Georges - we would recommend CapitalSpace as the best place from which to run any business in the area.

Added: January 2017

Lorraine Calcott

Lorraine Calcott, Managing Director, It Does Lighting Ltd.

I have loved working here and it's changed my business completely since I moved in. It enabled me to grow the business in a safe, secure way and has given me the confidence to now spread my wings a little and move on. Your team are great - They are friendly, effective and good at their jobs. The atmosphere here at Milton Keynes has been welcoming and the tone that is set is one of a hive of industrious forward thinking businesses. The grounds of the building are kept up very well by Rob who works away behind the scenes and Lynn keeps everyone motivated and of course provides help and guidance when required.

All in all I can't fault any of it and I shall really miss being here. Thank you.

Added: January 2017

Richard Bentley

Richard Bentley, Owner, The I.T. Consultants:  

After working with CapitalSpace for over 12 years providing I.T. Support for both them and their customers, our only natural progression was to move to one of their centres when looking for our own office space. We picked St.Georges at Sittingbourne because it was central to our local client base and because the pricing was correct for our budget. We have been customers here for 2.5 years now - The Centre staff are always helpful and have been known to go the extra mile. When we reserved the office we were anxious to get confirmation and as promised we were contacted immediately when the office became available and within a week we were in, in what was a simple and seamless process.

When looking for our office, we found that other serviced office providers seemed far less supportive towards their tenant’s than CapitalSpace and we experienced this first hand many times whenever we provided support to companies based on competitor sites. These experiences showed us that the only option for us was CapitalSpace!

We would like to extend our thanks not only the great team of Jeanette and Helen at St.Georges, but to the teams across all the centres. We can definitely confirm that the Capitalspace service template works well whatever site you choose!”

Added: January 2017

Iain Brown

Iain Brown, Managing Director, UK Eco Energy:

I would like to give you notice from today, that I will give you the required notice of one month to terminate our lease agreement for unit 16 Greenway Business Centre.

I would like to thank you all for your help in the last year and maybe one day we will return. I will definitely recommend your company to any person looking for office space.

Added: January 2017

Joe Stokes

Joe Stokes, Managing Director, Lanworks I.T Services;

We moved our business to Waterhouse Business centre in February 2015.  We are very pleased with our office and the amenities here.  Michelle and the team are always helpful and provide excellent customer service.  The centre also hosts many business and information events which are always run in a professional and friendly manor.  Thank you Michelle and team for your help and great service.”

Added: January 2017


Steven Knolwes

Steven Knowles, Owner, ASA Medical Solutions:

Thank you for your kind introduction email, Lynn and her team at Milton Keynes are doing a wonderful job of advising and looking after us.

Added: January 2017

Jacqueline Jarvis

Jacqueline Jarvis, Director, Jarvis Carpentry & Joinery Ltd:

After nearly 11 years tenancy at Greenway, it is with some regret that we would like to issue you with one months notice.

We are moving to Takeley which is more suited to our current contracts and workload.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team at Greenway for assisting and supporting us over the last 11 years. They have been consistent in their service, reliability, and professionalism and have exceeded our expectations when moving in back in April 2005!

Added: January 2017

Neil Craig

Neil Craig, Owner/Managing Director, The Accountancy Practice:

Thank you for all your support, past and present and all that you and your team do for us all quietly behind the scenes so that things run smoothly.

Added: January 2017

John Horton

John Horton, Managing Director, Churchill Security Systems:

"Many thanks for the excellent service provided throughout the year by you all!”

Added: December 2016

Debbie Sawh

Debbie and Roy Sawh, Managing Director and Finance Director, FutureWorks Education:

"I have always found staff to be most helpful and friendly. The site itself is always maintained and welcoming and you and your team are always on hand to provide support whenever it is needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Capital. 

Roy and I would like to thank you for the years of service we have received from you and we both sincerely hope to return to the centre as soon as a suitable opportunity arises"

All the very Best. 

Added: December 2016

Darren Rudd

Darren Rudd, Director of VirtualTin:

“We would like to thank you and the team for your great service within our time at Churchill Square"

Added: December 2016

Mark Canning

Mark Canning, Head Honcho Flooring Guru of Flooring Megastore:

"OK then goes....It is with an extremely heavy heart that I wish to serve notice. CapitalSpace has been everything I needed. You run a very good ship, Sue. Keep up the good work; it's noted and much appreciated" 

Added: December 2016

India Marshall-Roads

India Marshall-Roads, Director of Bottle Bazaar Ltd:

"I'm actually really sad to be leaving here as its been so convenient and you and all your staff have made working here an absolute pleasure. I'll definitely continue to recommend Churchill Square to others in the future, and who knows may even come back at some point!"

Added: December 2016


John Joseph of Diamond Biopharm offered these comments on relocating to Greenway Business Centre, Harlow

“Some people are put off starting their own businesses because they fear they will be bogged down by the multitude of requirements which are needed before they can even start. Finding an office or a workshop, sorting out the rates, rent, and postage to name just a few. Find a furniture provider employ an IT consultant, deal with British telecom, order the telephone system and arrange for the fax, not forgetting the infamous broadband . Security must come high on your list of needs so organise the burglar alarm, find somewhere to park, buy or rent the dustbins and arrange for them to be emptied - so many never get onto the foot of the ladder.

At Greenway Business Centre in the new Business Park in Harlow all those problems will either go away or be minimised. You will move into a ”brand new” office or workshop to the size that you want, a very friendly management team will sort all your needs and advise you where best to buy your furniture and computers, they will supply your phones and provide a broadband service, stamp and post your letters, do your photocopying and sort your post. Parking is not a problem and you are not restricted by how many cars you can park. The reception area has a visitors book and a waiting area where visitors to your company are welcomed

There are meeting rooms available with all the modern equipment at your finger tips and if you want refreshments laid on you need only to ask and by the way there is an adequate Café within the grounds serving all types of meals and drinks from early in the morning to the mid afternoon.

There is no better way to start your business where you can concentrate making it a success leaving the vast jungle of drudgery to a well honed team of people who just want to see you succeed.”

Ashley Cooper

parc ellis’s specialist and personalised service has led to expansion in the UK and internationally and Ashley says it will not be long before his team needs still more space.


“Croydon is a good base for us with rapid transport links to London and the rest of the UK and the Capital Business Centre provided us with a very easy way to set up our office, offering quality managed office space with the bonus of on site parking.” 


“We were attracted by the flexibility of the monthly licence which allows us to match the space we take to the pace of growth of our business. There’s also the easy access and ample parking which are essential for us and it’s good to have a Centre management team on site to take care of any problems that come up.”




On taking more space at the Milton Keynes Business Centre.
On taking space at Churchill Square Business Centre and Waterhouse Business Centre
On taking space at Milton Keynes Business Centre.
On taking space at Milton Keynes Business Centre
On taking space at Capital Business Centre at Croydon.
uke learning on taking space at St George's Business Park, Sittingbourne

Taking space at St George's Business Park in Sittingbourme, Director of uke learning Mick Durham said:

“It was ideal to have a turnkey office solution where we could simply and quickly move into offices and let others take care of all the property management issues. It is also a significant advantage to have the option to take additional space when needed as ours is a rapidly expanding business.”

The Rok building group has just taken additional space at the Greenway Business Centre in Harlow.

Rok area leader Matt Dauncey says:

“We wanted to focus our attention on providing first class services for our customers and to be able to move into offices without any hassle. CEC helped make opening the Harlow office easy and our team was able to be quickly up and running. It has also been a big advantage to be able to take additional space at the Centre as our team has expanded.”

Rok is a nationwide building group with sales in excess of £950m and more than 5,000 employees. It aims to become the “Nation's Local Builder” by operating from a network of offices in major towns across the UK.

Added August 2008

Director Charles Bennett on taking additional space at the Capital Business Centre, Croydon
"It was good to be able to take the office space we wanted on a flexible basis as within months it became clear that we would soon need additional offices. If we had been locked into a long lease or even bought an office we would have had to start looking again and we just don’t have the time to do that."

Matrix ICT Services Ltd is a dedicated provider of strategic and technical ICT support for schools which began operation in Croydon and now covers all of London and the South East.

Added April 2008
Director Gary Lester on locating East Coast Permateek at Greenway Business Centre, Harlow

“There was a good deal of pressure on us to expand the business quickly and it was ideal to be able to move into the Greenway Centre without any hassle and take workshop and office space on flexible terms.”

Permateek installs a composite PVC based, environmentally friendly marine decking system.

Added February 2008

Total Lettings Partner Robin West relocating to the new Milton Keynes Business Centre:

Total Lettings is a growth company and we needed to find the right base for the next stage in our expansion. The location and facilities here are first rate and the Centre will become a business hub for Milton Keynes.”

Property specialist Total Lettings is a local, independent firm specialising in Residential Lettings and Property Management.

Added January 2008.

Kingswood Cleaning Managing Director Annette Heywood relocating to the Capital Business Centre, Croydon

“We wanted to have a company base in good quality premises that reflected the high standards we set and the Capital Business Centre provides excellent offices which enable us to present just the right image for our company.”

Kingswood Cleaning is a locally based eco cleaning company that only uses products which are 100% natural or from environmentally friendly manufacturers.

Added November 2007

Chris Harris, Moat Regional Director on relocating to Greenway Business Centre, Harlow

“Taking managed office space at the Greenway Business Centre was an advantage for us as we can focus entirely on our own core property management work and leave office property management to CEC!” Moat regional director for the East Region Chris Harris.

Moat , one of the UK’s leading housing associations, has opened a satellite office at the Greenway Business Centre in Harlow to help manage its extensive range of property interests in the area.

Added October 2007

Andrew Furber, Director, Tickford Security Systems, relocating to the Milton Keynes Business Centre

Milton Keynes has needed a good quality Business Centre for some time and I am sure that the Centre will prove to be very popular. We were pleased to be able to pre-book offices at a location that will become a business hub for Milton Keynes .”

Tickford Security Systems is a leading local security business which provides alarms, CCTV and access control for major businesses and the public sector.

Added September 2007

Paul Richardson, Managing Director, Concept Financial Planning, Capital Business Centre, Croydon

“We wanted to be up and running at the Capital Business Centre as soon as possible and with the minimum of property management worries. We were particularly impressed by the communications package that CEC could provide and they made it easy for us. Smart offices and good parking were also essentials for us and our clients so the move made good business sense.”

Concept Financial Planning’s experienced team provides advice tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses.

Added September 2007

Dave Hughes, Managing Director, Access Fulfilment, Waterhouse Business Centre, Chelmsford

“As a business already based at the Waterhouse Business Centre it was a big advantage to be able to take additional space on a flexible basis and we were very impressed by how straightforward the move was. There was no hassle and as before we were able to secure the offices on a simple monthly licence.”

Access Fulfilment provides a tailored sales fulfilment service offering order processing, storage and inventory management, pick and pack and distribution anywhere in the world.

Added September 2007

Oracle Components

“The Greenway Business Centre is the right location for an ambitious growth business.”

“From the outset we wanted to be able to focus entirely on building our business and it was ideal to be able to leave all property management matters to the Centre Manager.”

Oracle Components provides electrical parts to businesses and the public sector around the world, with contracts with blue chip companies and with the UK armed forces.

Jean-Claude Cateaux, Smithfield Foods Ltd, Churchill Square Business Centre

“Ours is a fast moving business and we did not want to consider long leases. A flexible licence gave us the offices we needed at a sensible price.”

Simon Robson
Simon Robson, the Galloping Gourmet, Capital Business Centre, Croydon

“When things need to be done you know that they will be done and we can get on with concentrating on our own business rather than worrying about property management. We now have a base in a quality business environment and that makes a statement in itself about the standards we are setting in our own business.”