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All of our workspace is available on simple, monthly licence terms that enable our customers to upscale, downsize, or vacate by giving one month’s written notice at any time. Costs are rolled into a single monthly payment, which makes budgeting easy and straightforward for business owners.

What’s included?

Our 9 locations

All Meeting rooms Offices Studios Virtual offices Workshops

Did you know?

Our simple, monthly licence is written in Plain English and carries the Crystal Mark seal of approval, meaning our terms and condition are easy to read and avoid complicated legal jargon! We promise that you won’t have to pay legal fees to understand our licence agreements.

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Our small gestures making the difference for our customers

Each of our business centres’ customers are a valued member of our community and so we are committed to supporting them to achieve business success. We know SME owners are often tied up with a multitude of tasks from people management to marketing, so our friendly team will always be…

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Challenging competition by focusing on the customer experience

Sometimes it’s not about finding a niche, but creating one, which is exactly what business partners, Rob Carey and Rob Hewitt did when setting up their company Paradigm Business Solutions, which provides businesses with print and technology products and services. Both veterans in the industry, they realised there was one…