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All of our workspace is available on simple, monthly licence terms that enable our customers to upscale, downsize, or vacate by giving one month’s written notice at any time. Costs are rolled into a single monthly payment, which makes budgeting easy and straightforward for business owners.

What’s included?

Our 9 locations

All Meeting rooms Offices Studios Virtual offices Workshops

Did you know?

Our simple, monthly licence is written in Plain English and carries the Crystal Mark seal of approval, meaning our terms and condition are easy to read and avoid complicated legal jargon! We promise that you won’t have to pay legal fees to understand our licence agreements.

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5 tips to prevent burnout in the workplace

Dealing with burnout can be challenging, especially if you are an SME owner and don’t have a large structure to fall back on, or lack resources to invest in initiatives to improve employee wellbeing. A successful and productive company requires happy and healthy staff, so ensuring your employees – including…

Featured Case Study

Adapting your workspace to support business expansion

As your SME grows and evolves, you may need to adapt your workspace to your changing business requirements. In the case of MD Glass Partitions, a customer of our business centre in Harlow for 5 years, this meant creating a new warehouse space alongside their office space. We spoke with…