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Greenway Business Centre

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Building a Successful Business out of Helping People

Building a Successful Business out of Helping People
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Building a Successful Business out of Helping People

Established acupuncturist and massage therapist Nicola Court finds ideal accommodation within Greenway Business Centre, Harlow :

Nicola is passionate about her work as a traditional acupuncturist, massage therapist and Wise Hippo birthing coach for expectant parents, but it’s a far cry from her first career: “I originally trained as a photographer, but had felt unfulfilled.  I changed career in 1999, following redundancy.  I now have a job that I love; I look forward to coming to work every day and get great pleasure in helping my patients.

A Member of the British Acupuncture Council, Nicola trained for three years at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and has undertaken numerous postgraduate courses.  She works with a range of conditions, including stress, anxiety, back pain, headaches and fertility: “The news that someone no longer has pain or has fallen pregnant following traditional acupuncture treatment is wonderful.  That to me is success.

Nicola’s joy in her work is reciprocated by the loyalty of her patients: many of them have been with her since she first started as an acupuncturist, and they regularly refer friends and family to her.  It’s this loyalty from her patients that led to Nicola to look for new accommodation for her clinic: “I was working from the sports centre for the last 15 years but outgrew the space.”

She moved into Unit 92 in Greenway Business Centre this January.  Due to complete her Master’s in July, Nicola is delighted that the fully serviced work space is large enough to enable her to run her own herbal pharmacy: “This will be a brilliant addition to my clinic and will enable me to treat patients on a very different level.”

Nicola’s passion for combining personal and professional fulfillment is evident from the advice she gives to anyone thinking about their own career: “Do something that interests you and that you are passionate about.  Life is too short to do a job which leaves you bored and demotivated.  If you change your mind in your 30’s (like me!), then that is fine.  Money isn’t the only thing that brings happiness – job satisfaction is far more important.”

If you want to meet a positive new neighbour who can motivate you by her own job satisfaction, pop into Unit 92.  And if you’re suffering from niggly aches and pains, or you want to get ready for a big sporting challenge, you have a new solution right on your doorstep.

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