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6 Office Musthaves for the Perfect Office Space

6 Office Musthaves for the Perfect Office Space
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6 Office Musthaves for the Perfect Office Space

There are some things that we believe every business needs from their office space. We believe there is no reason that clients should settle for only half the facilities they need, and in fact every office space should be fully equipped with the following six essentials. Then you can be sure you will be on the path to success for your business. At CapitalSpace we ensure that every one of these six musthaves are available through our business centres and serviced offices to ensure that your businesses can run smoothly every single day.  These six musthaves for your perfect office space are:

Telephone Answering

If your core business time is being eaten up by phone calls then our telephone answering service helps you focus on your main business activities that generate profit. At CapitalSpace our centre teams are on hand to answer and direct your calls, take messages and ensure all enquiries and leads are passed onto your team.

Printing & Copying

Rather than employing an intern or office junior that eats into your profits, our business centres offer printing and copying support, ensuring that all your documents are published and returned to you when you require them, removing the need for you or your staff to spend time printing and copying documents.


Business security and staying in line with security, confidentiality and Data Protection regulations means shredding is an essential service within your office environment. The centre teams at CapitalSpace are always happy to securely dispose of any unwanted documents or paperwork.

Meeting Rooms

If you need a professional environment in which to meet your clients, hold team meetings or for any other purpose, then access to professional and fully equipped meeting rooms creates a great impression. All CapitalSpace business centres offer professional meeting spaces ideal for entertaining clients, presenting important proposals or holding team training sessions. Our meeting spaces also offer catering if required. 

Business Support Services (Cleaning)

Keeping your office clean and tidy is essential for ensuring a safe and enjoyable working environment. Clean office space also boosts morale and creates a culture of pride and respect in the workplace. Our serviced office space comes with the option of flexible cleaning services tailored to your environment, whether this is daily, weekly or simply as needed.

Mail Services

If your business sends out mail on a regular basis it can interfere with your core business activities and even means you need to hire dedicated staff to work in mail services. At CapitalSpace our reception teams offer full postal services including franking  and  collections by Royal Mail of post ready to send out.

As Lorraine King, centre manager at our Greenway Business Centre asserts ‘We recognise the wide and varied needs of the modern business at CapitalSpace. Our range of business support services has been created with care to ensure all of our clients can work with ease and keep their daily business activities moving forward.’