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Air for Life takes bronze at SME Business awards!

Air for Life takes bronze at SME Business awards!
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Air for Life takes bronze at SME Business awards!
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

We are delighted that our Milton Keynes Business Centre customer, Air for Life, were bronze winners for the Lockdown Leader 2021 award at the SME MK and Buckinghamshire Business Awards . Watching their business flourish, despite the challenges of the pandemic, has been an inspiration. Their story is a revelation on how following your passion can lead to business success – despite some obstacles in the way.

We spoke to owner Jay Vitale about Air for Life’s story and how he feels about his business winning bronze in the Lockdown Leader award category.

Origins of Air for Life

After studying medicine for a few years, Jay decided that working in the medical technology field was where he wanted to be.

“After a few years of medical care, I felt that the clinical environment wasn’t for me and left university in 2006 to focus on my passion to help people through enhancing medical technology.

“I felt that by improving medical technology by making it more effective and safer for commercial and customer use, I would be able to make a difference to people’s lives.”

“With the help of my dad’s engineering background and my medical expertise, we were able to set up an investment research company in America which was able to look into testing on enhancing the effectiveness of air purifiers for your health. We were able to create an air purifier which quickly reduces carbon-based contaminants and provides a space with fresh clean air within minutes, which was when I decided to start up Air to Life in 2017.”

Our Milton Keynes location

After having a desk in his dad’s office, located in our Milton Keynes Business Centre, Jay already knew where he wanted to set up.

“My dad’s company is located in the Milton Keynes Business Centre so I already knew it was a space that would work perfectly for my business.

“It is a very nice community here; the main reason why I chose Capital Space is that it is great for small business start-ups as you only have to commit to a monthly rent notice period.”

Bronze winners for the Lockdown Leader award

Jay’s award was welcome recognition for the leadership he has shown during the challenges of the last 18 months.

“To receive the Lockdown Leader award has made me realise I am being a good role model to my staff and that is all I want really! It is nice that my hard work is getting recognition and the business is moving in the right direction. It is great to also show other businesses that, even in challenging times, if you persevere, you can achieve good things.”

Adapting to Covid-19 regulations

With people becoming more health conscious since the pandemic hit, Air to Life were fortunate to be one of the businesses that grew during those immensely challenging times.

“Don’t get me wrong, it was difficult. It was tough in terms of cash flow as a lot of our money had gone into product development and targeting the consumer market. We lost customers from their business going bankrupt due to lockdown, however with Covid-19 bringing awareness to our product, we ended up selling out quite quickly.

“The one bit of advice I would give businesses is that being able to adapt to different markets is the key to success.”

There is no doubt that Jay’s tenacity and dedication were vital in his company’s success throughout a difficult period. The future is bright for a business that can adapt and succeed when the market is so volatile.

Ambitions for the future

Jay has got big plans for the future, and we can’t wait to watch the team at Air to Life reach new levels of success.

“As we are growing in size, we have outgrown Capital Space but we are so grateful for them as it has helped us reach a place where we can move out. Our goals for the future are to find our own place, expand into new markets and maybe even global domination!”

Jay’s success story is an inspiring one, and we at Capital Space are happy to play a small part in it! We are thrilled they were recognised as bronze winners for the Lockdown Leader award and we look forward to seeing what this pioneering business achieves in the future!

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