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Green Initiatives at Capital Space

Green Initiatives at Capital Space
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Green Initiatives at Capital Space
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

As part of our ongoing drive to reduce our carbon footprint, we ran a recent Green Friendly contest for business centre staff. It was a huge success, and we were overrun with enlightened suggestions for how we could further improve our eco-friendly initiatives in our workspaces.

We have always been aware of our impact on the environment as a workspace provider, but we also recognise the need to constantly improve our efforts. Capital Space are committed to encouraging our employees and our customers in green-friendly plans.

Green-Friendly Ideas

Across our nine business centres, staff members were invited to contribute ideas towards a new, improved set of green-friendly measures focusing on how we could improve ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Capital Space Eco Champions

An idea that we loved was that each centre should have an Eco Champion. We are currently seeking to recruit volunteers from our workforce to take on these new roles, which will officially start from January 2022. An Eco Champion (EC) will work closely with their centre team to ensure our green-friendly measures are being implemented. They will also investigate potential new measures, gather feedback from customers and collaborate with Eco Champions from other centres.

The first task for our new Eco Champions will be to discuss, investigate further and implement, where possible, some of these inspired recommendations from our staff.


  • Ask any new energy providers to provide details of their carbon footprint
  • Set all printer defaults to double-sided and less dense printing to decrease paper and toner use.
  • A central waste and recycling bin for head office central support and in our receptions to increase awareness of what is being thrown away.
  • Switch to white biodegradable kitchen rolls, eco-friendly washing up liquid in kitchens, eco-friendly soaps in the toilets and chemical free cleaning products.
  • Insulation to be reviewed, particularly in our older centres and a heat loss survey to be performed.


  • Set up a composting spot onsite.
  • Use pallets as bird boxes, bug hotels and planters.
  • Keep a scrap paper draw for unwanted sheets.
  • Investigate a managed ‘rewilding’ programme in each centre to encourage insects, bees and butterflies through wildflowers.


  • Take steps to improve and possible expand recycling bins at each centre.
  • Use recycled paper in printers and flip charts and stationery made from recycled materials.
  • Set up a Freecycle community board for customers to post unwanted items from home or the office.
  • A food-only recycle bin in all kitchens that can be composted.

As a thank you for their fantastic contribution, we have gifted our eco-minded staff a green-friendly reward- a  Grow Pouch !

Next steps

With a dedicated team of Eco Champions, our business centres will continuously strengthen their eco-friendly procedures. Bigger projects are also being considered, including solar powered hot water boilers and grass permeable parking spaces.

Capital Space managing director Peter Boam comments on the new initiatives: “It is essential that we continue to do absolutely everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We know our customers care about green initiatives and are changing the way they do business.  It’s only right we provide them with the infrastructure and facilities to support them. But we also want to harness the energy and enthusiasm of our staff when it comes to green policies and so I’m excited about this next chapter in our own journey to be a greener business.”

We look forward to sharing our successes with our increasingly climate aware customers. If you’re a green-friendly business looking for a like-minded office space provider, please get in touch.

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