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Helping people reach their goals secures more awards for independent publisher

Helping people reach their goals secures more awards for independent publisher
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Helping people reach their goals secures more awards for independent publisher
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Award-winning CapitalSpace customer How2Become has added to its extensive list of gongs – taking two more titles at this year’s prestigious Independent Publishing Awards.  It’s a dream result – for a company that helps people pursue their dream careers.

Lightbulb moment

It all started when former firefighter

and How2Become creator Richard McMunn realised there weren’t enough resources for people to gain the knowledge to be successful entering the Fire Brigade.  Operations Director Joshua Brown explains: ‘Following on from Richard’s creation of How2Become, it quickly grew as a publishing company and diversified into helping applicants find employment in other fields and pass tests used by the police service, armed forces, train operating companies and airlines, to the creation of educational books such as KS2 and GCSE revision guides.’ 

Accessing business accommodation   

They first moved into CapitalSpace’s Churchill Square business centre in 2008. ‘The location being close to London (but not at London rates), the flexibility of meeting rooms and free parking has been a key element to How2Become’s success,’ says Brown.  ‘We run career-related training courses over the weekends making extensive use of the meeting rooms at the centre, which enable us to host training courses for up to 25 people at a time.’  

How2Become’s experience as a CapitalSpace customer is that we are more than just a business accommodation service: ‘Our experience as a CapitalSpace customer has been great. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Since moving in 2008 we have upscaled numerous times: at one point, we had three smaller offices, but now we have one of the larger offices available in our building. This has helped us grow at the pace we want and need to grow at.’  

Beyond the Horizon   

The flexibility of CapitalSpace’s accommodation services is allowing How2Become to reach success in the future: ‘The flexibility in upscaling has allowed us to grow into a multi-award winning company, including collecting two national accolades at this year’s prestigious Independent Publishing Awards. Over the next few years, we plan to grow all aspects of the business including getting more staff, making the full use of our accommodation, which we use for both staff and storage of our publications, and to continue to use the brilliant meeting room facilities for our one-day recruitment courses.’  

Success is measured in many ways by businesses across the world; for How2Become, it’s the noticeable increase in their office space requirements: ‘Our growth can easily be measured by our change in accommodation at CapitalSpace. We’ve gone from one of the smallest size rooms available to one of the largest. We continue to grow our fantastic team, who are extremely proud of our achievements. Because of their hard work, How2Become returned with both awards we were shortlisted for with the IPG in 2017.’  

It’s great to see that CapitalSpace has made such a positive impact on How2Become, who have now become the best sellers of how to guides and recruitment guides in their field: ‘We are striving to become the UK’s top careers and educational destination website and the services of CapitalSpace will help us towards our goal.   

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