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The benefits of virtual offices

The benefits of virtual offices
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The benefits of virtual offices
Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space by Siobhan Stirling - Sharp Minds Communications for Capital Space
Owner/Director - Sharp Minds Communications Ltd

Virtual offices are the perfect solution for businesses that are wanting to create a professional image but do not need physical office space on a regular basis. Whether you’re starting up a new venture or have an established business that doesn’t require the infrastructure of a fixed office, a virtual office could increase your business’ credibility for a low monthly rate.  

What are virtual offices?

Whilst there are many benefits to holding physical office spaces, they are not for every business. This might be because

  • You and your employees work from home a lot
  • Your company is still relatively small, and you therefore don’t require physical office space
  • A lot of your business is conducted on location

If your business fits into one of these categories, virtual office spaces are the perfect solution. Our virtual office spaces enable home-based businesses to list our offices as their mailing address, giving the impression to potential customers that you occupy space within one of our prestigious business centres.

What are the benefits of virtual office space?

  • Gives your business credibility and professionalism: Whilst there are many credible reasons for not requiring physical office space, sometimes listing a home address as your mailing address can deter potential customers from wanting to do business with you, fearing that your company may be too small. Virtual office space avoids this issue.
  • Flexibility: With virtual office space you don’t have to sacrifice any flexibility as you continue to work from home. Whether it’s the ability to pick up the kids from school (or continue to home school) or go for a run through the countryside during your lunch break, you can continue to do so, combining the best of working from home with the best of the professionalism conferred by a virtual office address.
  • Minimal costs: Our virtual offices are available at very competitive rates.
  • No commuting.

What business support services are offered with a Capital Space virtual office?

Our virtual office packages are very flexible, allowing you to curate your own package, opting for the additional services that best support your business needs, including:

  • Flexible monthly fee : Capital Space doesn’t do inflexible, long leases. We only require a one-month notice period – enabling you to scale up or down as your business needs change – giving you financial piece of mind.
  • Business address: A proper company address, enabling you to list the address of one of our many centres.
  • Call answering: Staff at your chosen centre will answer your company calls for you, giving the impression that your team is bigger than it is and creating a much more professional image than a voicemail message.
  • Call forwarding: We can forward your calls on to you, ensuring that you never miss a potential opportunity.
  • Meeting rooms: Available to you at a discounted rate for when you do wish to hold a physical conference – ideal for creating the right impression with clients, prospects, suppliers and collaborators.
  • Mailing service.
  • Free car parking.
  • Company name displayed at reception.

Which centres are our virtual offices available at?

Virtual offices can be taken out at:

First impressions count. If you’d like to create a professional image for your company for a minimal cost, then call your local business centre manager to discuss how a virtual office could support your business ambitions.

To find out how  Capital Space  virtual offices or business premises

could benefit your growing business,

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