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Over 1,000 tech and media businesses in Croydon Tech City

Over 1,000 tech and media businesses in Croydon Tech City
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Over 1,000 tech and media businesses in Croydon Tech City

Croydon  is currently home to over 1,000 digital, creative and software business es: 185 tech business es with 1384 employees in the city centre and there are a further 830 tech companies operating in the wider borough. These include promising up-and-coming tech startups such as Famberry, Kinopto, MagenTys and FeastExpress; to larger tech companies such as DotMailer. 

While Croydon may be on the edge of the UK’s biggest city, it still retains a small town feeling that is attractive to business owners and employees alike. From the local market to family-run coffee shops, startups stand to become a part of the local community; providing all of the benefits that nearby customers bring. Culturally, employees can enjoy the local shops and facilities without being just another face in the crowd.

A recent blog article written by Teresa Hocking, Centre Manager of Capital Business Centre explains why this location in South Croydon makes perfect sense ...

Croydon  has a large software developer community that regularly socialises and groups such as ‘Croydon  Creatives’ and Croydon  Tech City’s for tnightly meet-ups at Matthews Yard draw attendees from all around London, Surrey and beyond.

A release from Croydon  council last week confirmed that Croydon  is London’s fastest growing  tech cluster: achieving 23 per cent growth of new tech and media business es since 2011, higher than London (17.1 per cent) and the UK (11.3 per cent) averages over this period.

This may come as a surprise for  a borough that is notorious for  its dodgy hairstyles and the 2011 riots to become an epicentre of innovation, but all that is changing with the emergence of Croydon  Tech City.

Founded in October 2012, the 'Silicon Valley of South London' has grown to over 600 software developers, venture capitalists and tech founders, as well as politicians, teachers and activists - all of whom are are committed to making Croydon  an attractive home to early-stage technical and digital startups. Benefitting from Croydon ’s convenient proximity to central London and Gatwick, new startups such as Couch are moving into the borough attracted by office space that is increasingly attractive to those feeling the rise in office space costs in the capital.

A self-sustaining tech startup ecosystem that is actively serviced Through working with illustrious companies such as Kilburn & Strode, Kingston Smith, Bryden Johnson and Code Club to provide free City-quality legal, financial, and technical one-to-one advice and services on a weekly basis to Croydon ’s tech startup community, alongside creating a strong roster of social and educational events.

Croydon  Tech City is a completely community-led initiative that – unlike East London’s Tech City – is not externally funded or propped up by central government. That said, Croydon  Tech City has a cordial relationship with the council which works with us to support the tech cluster.

As such, there has never been a better time to become part of Croydon ’s tech startup scene.  

Jonny Rose is the founder of Croydon  Tech City